Mental health
and diabetes

Your thoughts, feelings, and attitudes will have a huge impact on your physical health. A diagnosis of diabetes can come as a burden to many with associated feelings of depression or anger. Check in with your mental health, to identify in any area that you are struggling, seek help early so that these issues do not cause more issues for concern with diabetes management.

Stress and Anxiety

Stress unfortunately is a part of our daily life. Tracking blood sugar levels, proper insulin doses, getting active and changing lifelong eating habits – it’s all a great amount to take on board.

If you are affected by stress you may not take care of yourself as well as you should. Stress will also affect blood sugar- releasing hormones that can cause blood sugar to spike and drop unpredictably.

Anxiety is the natural response to stress- feelings of fear and apprehension about what comes next. This is especially prevalent within those who deal with long term illnesses and their potential complications like diabetes.

You Can Lower your Stress and Anxiety by:


Bermuda Mental Health Foundation

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