Young girl testing glucose levels
Our Mission

Lead the fight against diabetes

Lead the Bermuda Community to reduce the prevalence of Diabetes and improve the lives of all people affected.

How We Do It

Mentorship, Support, Programmes

It is our objective to strengthen the delivery of diabetes prevention, care, and management programmes and services through innovation.
Through generous donations, we are able to offer free medication to people with diabetes who are either uninsured or underinsured.

our purpose

To Reduce Diabetes In Bermuda

All people of Bermuda deserve equal access to education, affordable medicine and the best Diabetes care possible.

How you can Help

Get involved with our programmes

There are many ways to get involved in with Bermuda Diabetes Association, from volunteering or fundraising, to donating or becoming a membership. We welcome everyone who wants to get involve with us.
With your donations and help we will provide care, medication, education, and support programs to help adults and children in financial need.
If you have a particular programme you would like to support, we can guarantee that your money will go directly to that cause.

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Are you ready to help us in our mission
to end diabetes in Bermuda?