Unite for Diabetes

We are inviting Bermuda companies to take part in making a difference to the health of our community.



The Bermuda Diabetes Association (BDA) is inviting Bermuda companies to take part in making a difference to the health of our community.  

The Facts

The International Diabetes Federation estimates that 15.5% of Bermuda’s adult population has diabetes. And, as many as 1 in 3 adults have prediabetes, and over 80% do not know it.

People with diabetes are at a greater risk of a range of chronic health conditions including cardiovascular disease, hypertension, blindness, amputation, kidney disease, stroke and depression.

How can your organization participate?

BDA is inviting companies to unite for diabetes by meaningfully participating in activities that will create greater awareness of how to prevent diabetes or the complications associated with diabetes.  


Throughout the next12 months, take a few pics and share them on social media and tag us at @bermudadiabetesassociationsoeveryone in our community can see what your organization is doing to support diabetes prevention and inspire employee wellness.

Check out the Blue Circle App and share a photo to let us know you are committed to uniting for diabetes.

Let’s Unite Menu

To help you along the way, BDA is providing a menu of suggestions which you can select from to express your organization’s commitment to better health outcomes in Bermuda.

о     Encourage physical activity

ð       Start a walking/running/cycling club or other group exercise activities.

ð       Institute policies such as offering to refund a portion of the cost of healthy endeavors such as gym memberships and exercise classes.

ð       Encourage a bit of friendly competition by having employees record their steps.  

ð       Hold walking meetings.

ð       Take the stairs challenge


о     Support healthier food and beverage choices

ð       Install a water filter and provide sparkling water on tap to make drinking 8 glasses of water easier (BONUS POINTS for Sustainability!).

ð       Replace high sugar content drinks in the dispensing machine with no-sugar added drinks and sparkling water.

ð       Invite BDA’s Registered Dietician to tweak on-site meals and snacks to make them healthier (education@diabetes.bm).


о     Help your team de-stress

ð       Get a corporate membership or refund employees so they can use meditation and yoga apps.

ð       Take a break and celebrate your team’s health efforts – remember to smile, it’s a great de-stressor.

ð       Circulate reminders to your team – “remember to breath” one minute of focused breathing makes a difference.


о     Hold a wellness event

ð       Sponsor a staff learning session on improving nutrition or how to cook healthier meals.

ð       Host an active employee day with fitness-encouraging prizes like Fitbits.

ð       Invite BDA to provide employee health screening as part of your next wellness event (education@diabetes.bm).


о     Make health a priority

ð       Create incentives for employees to have annual check-ups.

ð       Encourage your employees to check out free health screenings offered by the Bermuda Diabetes Association and make an appointment (www.diabetes.bm).

ð       Establish a health and wellness committee.

ð       Include a summary of your organization’s health and wellness efforts on your website and in your annual report.


о     Contribute to BDA

ð       Make a corporate donation to support our programs for people who are uninsured and underinsured.

ð       Have an employee fundraiser to contribute to diabetes prevention and/or match employees donations.

ð       Celebrate Denim for Diabetes Day (November 16) by inviting your employees to wear their coolest denim, take a pic and post it on social media with the hashtag #DenimForDiabetes.

ð       Use the blue circle app to take pics, post it on social media with the hashtag #DenimForDiabetes.

о     Inspire others by sharing

ð       Record your team’s success, take photos, have fun, and share on social media tagging @bermudadiabetesassociation.  

ð       Hang a banner in the office to let your team and clients know that your organization is committed to diabetes prevention and help start a conversation.

ð       Promote diabetes awareness by downloading and using a relevant virtual background on Teams or Zoom during the month of November (email us at media@diabetes.bm for further resources).

ð       Add your organization’s great ideas on empowering change to prevent diabetes and the associated complications.